Hi everybody,

I show a list of files that I upload to the user's folder using the next

        $path= "../clients/$user";
        $dir = opendir ($root);
        while ($archivo = readdir ($dir))
        $size = filesize("$path/$filename");
        $size = ($size/1024);
        $size = intval($size * 100 ) / 100;
        if ($filename!= "." && $filename!="..")
            echo "<tr><td><a
href='$path/$filename'>$filename</a></td><td>$size Kb</td></tr>";

I want to add a checkbox in every file i get in the user's folder. My
question is:

Is there any way to use some kind of function to delete selected files? I am
not sure if i can use javascript to evaluate which is checked and how. And
after that evaluation, how to call a unlink ($filename) to delete the files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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