I've come across a problem and I'm affraid that I'm lacking the skills of
writing proper SQL queries in order to solve this. I'm building a little
search engine for my site (yes, from scratch! It doesn't have to be the
best, but I think that for my personal use it will be enough) and the bit
of code I have right now is as follows:

/* I'm using MySQL 3.23.37 together with 4.0.6 on a FreeBSD box */

$article_query = mysql_query("select article_name, article_text from articles where 
article_name LIKE '%$q%'") or die (mysql_error());
/* where $q is the search query with a space added in front */

while ($results = mysql_fetch_array($article_query)) {
 $art_name = $results["article_name"];
 $article_text = $results["article_text"];
 $q_count = substr_count($article_text, "$q");
 echo "<b>$art_name</b><p>$article_text<p>";


But what I'd like to achieve is that the results would be displayed in a
way ORDER BY $q_count DESC - the entry with most $q_count would be
displayed first, next one second etc. I'm sure that there is a way to sort
the array with PHP, but is it also possible to let the MySQL do the job?
It would save some CPU power I think... if not, what would be the easiest
way to do it with PHP?


P.S. Please CC me as well, I am only on the digest.

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