Hi all,

Ok first I have figured out my question on storing an image path.

my question now is on joining data from two tables.

wt_users has two fields (cols)  called
uid and pid,
uid refers to the user
pid refers to the users pet

image_data has a field called
id which refers to the image path

id in image_data has the same value as id in wt_users
1                                                          1

These two queries are what are needed to get the image to display:
$pet = mysql_query("select id from wt_users where uid={$session["uid"]}");
$ret = mysql_query($pet);

$query = "select binary_data,filetype from image_data where id=$id";
$result = @mysql_query($query);

I'm using     echo "<img src=\"petdata.php?id=  this should correspond with both id's 
\">"; to display the image

how do I join the two tables so that the id's match and give the correct image?

And again thanks in advance for your help
Jennifer Downey

P.S. I have looked at the mysql manual and a few tutorials. None of them helped or 

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