Could you not put the form inside an if/else statement? If the button isset,
or if the name equals submit, then show it disabled. Can't think of a lot of
uses for this, unless, I suppose, you want to have a page with lots of forms
on it, and you want to submit pieces of information. It wouldn't prevent
users from reloading the page and creating duplicate records.

"Greg Donald" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Jennifer Downey wrote:
> >Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to disable a submit button
> >once clicked?
> >preferably in php.
> If you reload the page after the button is clicked then you can simply
> pass a $disable variable in your form as a hidden field, then you can
> check for the variable before drawing the button the second time.
> Sounds more like a javascript thing to me though.  PHP is a server side
> scripting language, it's not designed to manipulate forms and buttons,
> where javascript is.
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