Oracle's Apache is compiled with Oracle's libraries. The php modules you 
have are probably not compiled with the same libraries. On Linux (in the 
documentation) there is a procedure to compile Oracle's version of 
Apache to include other modules.

The other option you have is to run a separate instance of Apache with 
support for PHP on another port (which is what I do here - I needed 
Sybase support in PHP as well).


Berlina wrote:

>Hi to all,
> Im trying to use Apache Web Server from IAS (Oracle) with PHP 4.1.1. in a
>Windows NT server.
>When I try to load the php modules, apache shows an error that said that I
>need to recompile Apache with the flag
> Somody know to do this?
>There ara another way to use these libraries without recompiling Apache?
> Advanced Thanks,

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