We were discussing this issue over in #php at irc.openprojects.net.  I
wasn't there for the whole conversation, but what was discussed was that
there was no built-in encryption and that the only way to achieve this was
with an SSL tunnel

What I have done with MySQL is setup a user that can only login from the Web
box (restricted by IP).  So even if anyone found out the password, they
wouldn't be able to use it.  Maybe you could do the same thing?


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Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 9:33 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Secure PHP to remote Sybase server

: Hi Everyone,
: This is the setup: A front-end Sun Solaris 8 server running Apache and
: mod php. A second server running Solaris 8 and Sybase.
: Clients with a web browser connects to the front-end server and submit a
: query. Apache/php then opens a remote connection to Sybase on the second
: server using the function  sybase_connect("server". "dbuser",
: "password") and processes the query. Everything works well. However, the
: problem is that the dbuser password is sent cleartext across the wire.
: Is there a way to setup a secure connection between the 2 servers, or at
: least have the dbuser's password encrypted?
: Thanks.
: Dennis
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