I would try to use CSS, instead of complex tables.  That way, you only need
to store the structural html in the database and the layout is handled by
CSS--floating images and flowing text are really easy with CSS.

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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Best way to store/retrieve content??
> I'm writing some content management scripts for an online 
> magazine. Many
> articles are formatted in a similar way, but some have a 
> unique page layout
> that includes grids of photos, tables, etc.
> I'm not sure if the best way to store content is in a 
> database so it can be
> flowed into an article template, or to simply lay out the 
> page as HTML,
> surrounding it with a simple include("header.php") and 
> include("footer.php")
> for header/footer HTML and graphics. For articles that 
> require things like
> tables, it would be a pain to have to write this HTML by hand 
> or lay it out
> in Dreamweaver then copy and past the code into the database 
> field (using an
> Admin web form). 
> Or, is it prudent to set up a custom table in the databse for 
> each type of
> content so that a matching template can be used to format the 
> pages properly
> without having to include all the HTML in the database with 
> the content
> itself?
> Hope this makes some sense. Just trying to figure out the 
> best way to tackle
> this. All input is appreciated!
> Monty
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