No. Some mail servers (qmail for sure) have the user auth section seperated
from the piece that accepts mail from the internet.  As long as the mail is
for the correct domain, it will accept it, and passes it to a seperate
program that checks for the user and either bounces or delivers the mail.

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hi there,

is there any way to check the existence of an e-mail address without
sending an email?

i mean not only DNS lookup, but also user validation?

cristi radulescu

ML> On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 04:10, CrossWalkCentral wrote:
>> How would I go about doing the DNS look up part?

ML> with checkdnsrr() I'd assume:

ML> checkdnsrr($host)

ML> "Searches DNS for records of type type  corresponding to host. Returns
ML> TRUE if any records are found; returns FALSE if no records were found or
ML> if an error occurred."

ML> the default type is MX.



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