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> I'm looking for a good MySQL db abstraction layer. I'm just coming back to
> PHP/MySQL and rather writing my own I figured I'd try to see if any are
> already out there.
> The layer should obviously have the basics, of connect, query, and close,
> and possibly some error checking and handling.

You should probably look into PEAR.  <http://pear.php.net/>  You probably
have the basic PEAR stuff if you did a source install of PHP.

They have a DB Abstraction class that is similar to Perl DBI and it appears
to be the way of the future.


FWIW, the author of the PHP Developers' Cookbook (Sams) did all of the
database examples using PEAR syntax.

Of course, I've not made the switch over yet so take my advice with a grain
of salt.

Hope it helps.


Paul Burney


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