How would you keep two different MySQL connections to two different MySQL databases 
(on two different MySQL servers) up and available with two different pointers (id), 
and not need to always do "select_db()" to switch between them?

I thought that if I did this:

----------- php: -------------
$aaa_link = mysql_pconnect("localhost", "u", "p");
mysql_select_db("apples", $aaa_link);

$zzz_link = mysql_pconnect("remotehost", "u", "p");
mysql_select_db("zebras", $zzz_link);

... that I'd be able to access both pretty easily. Like this:

----------- php: -------------
$aaa_result = mysql_query("select * from apples", $aaa_link);
$orchard = mysql_fetch_assoc($aaa_result);

$zzz_result = mysql_query("select * from zebras", $zzz_link);
$zoo = mysql_fetch_assoc($zzz_result);

$aaa_result = mysql_query("update apples set something='" . $zoo['zebrafur'] . "'", 

But it seems to tell me that $zzz_result is not a valid resource - unless I do the 
select_db thing inbetween the two commands.

Is there anyone doing this successfully?  Back-n-forth between two databases?

Thanks for any help.

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