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I've found it easier to just turn on magic-quotes in the php.ini file

This is all covered at

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Sent: Sunday, March 10, 2002 11:23 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] MySQL and apostrophes, interesting problem. 42082

> I'm working with a simple form which submits field
> data to a MySQL database.  This is for the purpose of
> generating a dynamic news page for my site. 
> Interestingly enough I've found that any time I try to
> submit data that contains an apostrophe "'" it gives
> me an error and will not send the data (any of it) to
> the database. 
> How can I change my database query, or escape out
> apostrophes?  I'm looking for the easiest fix out
> there of course.  Below is my current DB query. I
> realize I'm using apostrophes for my variables... is
> this acceptable syntax and/or is there a replacement?
> $query = "INSERT into $table values ('0', '$year',
> '$month', '$day', '$hour', '$minutes', '$seconds',
> '$article_name', '$content', '$admin_name')";
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