Hi all,

I'm having a small problem with a biggish query.

The query:

$Itemlistquery= "select [a whole load of fields from 3 tables] ending with
$Itemlistquery.= "transactions.Pdownload ";
$Itemlistquery.= "from bib_extract,scanrates,transactions where ";
$Itemlistquery.= "(transactions.CourseID = '$Course_ID' and ";
$Itemlistquery.= "bib_extract.E_ID=transactions.ExtractID and ";
$Itemlistquery.= "scanrates.finrate=transactions.finrate) ";

The problem:

If I do a simple count of transactions.CourseID='$Course_ID' I get 18 (for a
particular course) and the above query only displays 3 results.

Any suggestions? I didn't want to clog the list with the whole query but I
can if it's necessary.

George, in Edinburgh

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