Hi varin,


  $uid = "scott";
  $pwd = "tiger";
$inst = "test";
  $conn = ocilogon($uid,$pwd,"$inst");

works for me

you could also try


and see what happens

I just noticed you are using Ora_logon, you need to use the OCI functions !!


At 11:56 AM +0100 12/3/02, varin valery wrote:
>       I was successful in compiling php with the options --with-oracle
>and --with-oci8.
>       but when i tried to connect to the database with the instruction
>Ora_logon("user@tnsname", "password"), I got the following error message:
>       "Warning: Oracle: Connection Failed: Error while trying to retrieve
>text for error ORA-12154 in /home/httpd/html/tmp/testoracle9i.php on line 7"
>       I don't quite understand since I defined the environment variables
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