I'm looking for a reasonably simple and fast way to fill an array with the
results of a single column select query.

example results from query:

| productid |
| PS        |
| PSLEB     |
| MD1       |
| CPSS1     |
| CPSG1     |
| CPSP1     |
| CPSSR     |
| CPSGR     |
| ST1       |
| STFREE    |

desired array:

I'm using PHP with MySQL.

I've seen ways to fill an array with an entire single row.  But I only need
one value from each row so mysql_query() and mysql_fetch_array() seem like
overkill.  Does anyone have a function that might do this already or a
suggestion to get me started?

Ultimate Goal:
Basically, I want to interate through a set of ID's returned by the select
query and perform further querys based on each id in the result.  An array
would be a clean way to step through it.  If there is a
better/simpler/easier way to do this, please let me know.  I'm new to PHP
(but not programming).

Thanks a bunch,

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