I would like to solve this problem on my apache-php instalation

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ibase_connect() in
/home/pcash/public_html/includes/conexioninterbase.inc on line 7

To solve first i have try to do

[root@www download]# rpm -i php-interbase-3.0.16-2bc.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        php = 3.0.16 is needed by php-interbase-3.0.16-2bc

but i canīt found an rpm for interbase 4

Second i have try

[root@www download]#
./configure --with-mysql --enable-trackvars --with-ibase=/opt/interbase --wi

make install

(and not have recompiled apache)

then i restart apache

but the problem go on.

Thanks in advance.

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