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> Hi there,
> I am running mysql 3.23.38 on os x. Till now I did start the server by unix
> command safe_mysqld. This worked, but did always freeze the shell and I did
> have to open a new one. Bringing down the server worked only by rebooting.
> mysqladmin shutdown did also freeze the shell and nothing happend (2 nice
> freezing shells on the desctop :-))

The shell didn't freeze, its to be expected with those commands. I think you
can fix the issue by putting a "&" after the command, I believe it means to
do command in new shell or something
> Anyhow I would like to start it automaticly at boot time. I tryed to start
> the server by typing mysql.server start, but I get an command not found. i
> gueess I am in the right dir.
> Does anybody cope with the same prob, or can probably help?

I recommend checking out the following article .. it has all kinds of useful
info on MySQL on OS X including a link to Mark's double click mySQL installs
and startup at boot scripts.

~ Mike
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