On Saturday 16 March 2002 00:14, Ryan Marrs wrote:
> Does anyone know if the date function returns false if it cannot convert
> the specified date/time to the format?  If not, does anyone have a rule set
> they use to verify the date is a valid convertible date?  I need to update
> a row in MSSQL, and it will fail if the date is incorrect.  I've validated
> for the basic things, but just am not sure what the best way would be to
> validate the actual date itself.  I was thinking of RegExp, but not certain
> if that would really work for multiple date formats for example:
> March 15, 2002
> 03/15/2002
> 3/15/2002
> and so on and so forth.  The field actually requests a dd/mm/yy format, but
> you know how people follow instructions.


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