Why don't you add another column to your "items" table for the item
name..Then you can just fetch each row to an array and call it by
$row["item_name"] ?
 For better explanation:
 Say you added a column to hold item names in your items table called
item_name ...
 I have no idea how you query items table based on which customers has what
items because you stated that there was only coumn in items table, but if
you were to query everything in the items table, you'd do:

  $query="select * from items";
  $num_results =  mysql_num_rows($result);

  for($i=0; $i < $num_results; $i++)
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
    // then you can reach item number and item name just by calling them
    $itemnumber= $row["number"]; //assuming that the column that holds the
item numbers has the name number
    $itemname= $row["item_name"]; // assuming that the column you'll add for
item names will have the name iten_name

  Does this make sense to you? Or are you looking for something else? Let us


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I operate a small game site for kids.  On this site, the players  can, among
other things, buy virtual items.  I have each item stored in a table called
"items" in a mysql database.  The type is one column in that table, but it
is a number, not a name.  When I want to display items with the item name, I
have to send a query to the item_types table to get the type name.  The
problem is, if a user has 50 items, it takes 50 queries to get the types.
Is there any better way?

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