Good morning all.

I'm a relative newbie to PHP, not to mention Oracle, and I need some help
trying to get the two to talk together.

My first question is in the subject: what version of Oracle does the
php_oci8.dll library support?  8.0.x? 8.1.x? 8i?

The reason that I'm asking is because I setup a new installation of PHP (v.
4.1.2) to use Apache (v. 1.3.20) and talk to Oracle (v. 8.0.6).  (Just for
completeness, my OS is win2000, sp 2.)  If I use the php_oracle.dll,
everything works fine.  However, the moment that I include the
"extension=php_oci8.dll" directive in the php.ini file, I get the following
error when I start my Apache service:
    "The procedure entry point OCILobClose could not be located in the
dynamic link library OCI.dll"

Does this mean I can't use the php_oci8.dll functionality?


Jay Dickon Glanville

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