Hello - I'm posted this to the mysql list but got no response.  While it sounds
like a mysql problem, I'm convinced that it is a PHP problem (see bottom of

  I've recently installed mySQL on a RH7.2 box without any problems - it runs
great.  I've been testing some long running queries (full table scans, etc)
under different scenarios, and get wildy differing results.   Between each test
case, I was flushing all tables and re-starting the mysql deamon.  When I run
one of my longest queries in the mysql command line client, it runs in about 77

When I run the identical query via a simple PHP script running on the box, the
same query takes about 930 seconds to complete.  For the life of me, I can not 
figure out why the identical query would run differently from the command line 
than from PHP.  I've repeated this test about 10 times just to be sure - and it

is entirely repeatable: command line - about a minute - PHP - about 16 times
longer.  Any ideas or suggestions?  

 I'm running RH 7.2 (2.4.9-21) on a Dell Poweredge 2550, 1GB memory, RAID, with
mysql version 3.23.41 (the standard install unchanged from the RH media).  Here
is the query...pretty simple:

            insert into summary_table
               select frb, denom, series, 
               count(*) as cnt, 
               sum(bills) as bills, 
               sum(bills_hit) as bills_hit, 
               sum(total_hits) as total_hits 
               from detail_table

If it a memory/cpu resource problem, how do I set RH to give PHP and Apache the
same priority as the mysql deamon?  

I've also written a small Perl script to execute the same queries, and that
runs in 70 seconds (same as mysql client), so there must be some
memory/processor limitation placed on PHP that prevents it from running as
quickly as these other methods.  Any ideas/suggestions?

Many thanks in advance..


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