How many tables ? do you have the script that generated the oracle tables
and their relationships ? what about the triggers, views, foreign keys, ...
Are theses functionalities exist on MySQL (I don't know MySQL) ?
You could have a look at Chyfo ( Chyfo can
export data from any database accessible through the ODBC interface. It
exports data into text files (CSV, TAB delimited, fixed length, SQL INSERT
statements and XML are supported formats), generates native DDL (Data
Definition Language) and import/load scripts for various databases.
See also Genio (,


"Pedro M. S. Oliveira" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message
news: 006c01c1d009$6fd83d10$[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> hi all, i need to migrate an oracle database (+-1gb) to a mysql one, but i
> don't have a clue how to do this.
> i'm thinking in dumping the whole content of the oracle database to a txt
> file but i don't know if there is a better way
> any ideias on this one.
> btw the oracle machine is running on windows 2000 server and the mysql one
> is running on linux
> i don't have php on either machines but the mysql i'll have a connection
> an apache running machine.
> the prob here is... what is the better way to migrate the data?
> thanx

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