I made a script for retrieving the data of some jpeg images stored in a
mysql database.I can get the image and print it on the screen... I have to
resize some of them according to their size in order to create thumbnails on
the fly. The GetImageSize function receives the image's path or url. As I
don't want to have temporary files I created a script that reads the image
from an url, (using that url to get the image out of the database). It
worked great in my development computer at home, running Red Hat 7.2 and
PHP4.0.x. The problem came when I uploaded the application to the final web
server, where it can not open the files from an url (don't know why). I
checked the urls I'm retrieving and they are all right, in fact they show
the images...

My problem is how to resize a jpeg image that's stored in the database.

This is the whole process:
    getImage.php?id=x retrieves image x from the database. -> and
ImageResize gives a timeout when doing $size =

Any ideas???

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