I would recommend going with a table of keywords like
you said, you may want ot structure like this:

[ words_id | article_id | word ]

You can tie the "article id" to the other tables
getting an efficient multiple word search working is a
bit of a task. 

This is very helpful:

A couple articles I found helpful:


--- Mike de Libero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>     I need to create a search engine that catalogs
> data from about 4 separate tables, and then of
> course is searchable from use input.  I'm having a
> brain fart on how I should go about doing this. 
> This is what I think I should do so far tell me if
> I'm right or at least going in the right direction.
>     1) Scan the each table and put them in one huge
> database filtering out "noise words"
>         (I was thinking attaching a word id to the
> word so there would be no repeating words??)
>     2) Attach the wordID to the corresponding
> article or blurb. 
>     3) Use the search function to search that table.
>       Now hopefully that sounds about right I just
> have one other problem.  I can't really envision the
> code to do the sorting of the words etc.  Any useful
> pointers would be helpful not looking for a total
> solution rather a hint to get me started in the
> right direction.  Hope you guys can help.
>     -Mike de Libero
>     http://www.soreye.com

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