I have the same need for all sorts of doc types w/ m$ sql server. The wrox 
'professional sql server programming' talks about this issue of storing file type data 
in a table row briefly, leaving me disheartned. basically, the summation of the issue 
is it's a really bad idea performance wise--like it can bring the server down to its 
knees, because essentially (as I understand it) there is a 3 part method of 
abstraction where sql server actually puts your data into its own discreet file which 
is accessed via the sql server on a per-query basis. 


This sorta contradicts the fuzzy marketing-type hype I've read elsewhere that suggests 
using the IMAGE data type to store .doc or .xls data with a full-text index to make it 

I don't know if the sybase system has a comprable data type, but that would be the 
solution on the m$ side in theory, though in practice, the wrox book steers you away 
from putting documents in the rdbms.

I hope I'm wrong and someone else is doing this and can post a workable solution.


>>> Alain DESEINE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 03/24/02 05:36 AM >>>

For many different reasons, like security ans so¨me other one, i need to 
store PDF files in a database.

- Does anybody have already do this ?
- What kind of field type should i use (image filed type ???) ?

I'm currently using an ASE 12 (64 bits) SYBASE server on a HP-UX 11.00 
(64 bits) box.

The application server is a linux server with apache and PHP.

Any feedback about doing somethin like this will be valuable ...

Many thanks for responses.

Best regards,


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