Hi All


I hope you can shed some light on the logic behind these 2 issues.


1)       How do I make an email verify type of thing? So user enter
there email address as part of the sign up process and we send an email
to that address. That bit I've got. But how do you check the reply to
the address stored and then activate the account. It's a for online
support manager im writing hence the importance of a verified email

2)       Suggest a Username? I have seen some places that when you put
in an onscreen name and click send it checks against the list of
usernames already stored and if it matches it comes back an error saying
that username already exists but how about this one, which is the name
you chose plus a incremental number. So visitor puts in say "Fred" but
Fred exists and so does Fred up to Fred19. How do I check this and offer
Fred20 as a suggestion.


I hope someone can help with this.


As always I thank you in advance of any help, code samples or pointers.



Dave Carrera

Php Developer





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