InterAKT released the 1.0 version of QuB, the visual query builder for 
Ultradev (with PHAkt or ImpAKT). QuB is also available as a PHP/DHTML 
standalone version.

QuB is an DHTML Query Builder designed to improve the way web developers 
create and use queries when creating dynamic PHP websites.

This goal is reached by including some important features:
- centralizing the SQL queries in a single repository
- providing a graphical interface for editing queries
- allowing instant result of the query in an intuitive manner

QuB functionalities are very similar with Microsoft Access Query Builder 
ones, because we have created QuB to allow Access developers to easily  
upgrade from Access to a real database server as MySQL or PostgreSQL are.
In the same time, QuB requires no advanced SQL knowledge, allowing even 
non-expert programmers to create complex queries.

QuB is also tightly integrated with Ultradev, with an extension that allows 
Ultradev developers to use QuB recordsets in their PHP pages. The QuB 
Recordset is a new Recordset type designed to fully use the QuB potential 
from Ultradev, allowing Visual Recordset Editing.

QuB has support for MySQL, Access and PostgreSQL databases.

For more details on QuB, visit:

QuB documentation can be found at:

A Flash demo of QuB can be viewed at

                        The InterAKT Team

Alexandru COSTIN 
Product Manager 
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