> Hi to all,
> I'm new to PHP. I'm trying to retrieve data from a database, but I just
> want to retrieve one record at a time and go through to the next
> records by click next record. I know how to retrieve all record by
> using the
> mysql_fetch_array, but I'm having problems to select one record at
> time. Any idea?
> Thanks in advanced
> Nato

Nato, you can use the MySQL LIMIT feature as part of your SELECT statement
to accomplish this.

$SQL = "SELECT * FROM my_data LIMIT 0, 1";

The result that you get with mysql_fetch_array is only one record, the
first record that the database returned from the SELECT statement.

When your user presses NEXT, you would execute:

$SQL = "SELECT * FROM my_data LIMIT 1, 1";

The second number is the number of records to limit by, in your case only
one at a time.  The first number is the index of the record that you want
to have returned by the database.  This number would be a variable in your
case that would increment by one when they press NEXT and decrement by one
when they press PREVIOUS.

Hope that helps you out.


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