#1. You may want to double-check the path where you're calling it from in
case you're working with subdirectories. 

Let's saying you access a page at www.domain.com/page.php which calls
Then, header.inc includes the dblib.inc file at
www.domain.com/includes/dblib.inc. However, the include's base directory
will still be in page.php - the directory won't change to includes, so for
header.inc to include dblib.inc, it has to say:
Otherwise, it will be trying to include www.domain.com/dblib.inc because the
page that started the whole chain reaction of includes is located at

#2. If you have error reporting turned off, and there is a parsing error in
your files, the page may just die without giving a reason. Try turning off
any error reporting and also access those include files like userlib.inc
directly in your web browser to see if PHP reports any errors. You may need
to change the extension to something like userlib.inc.php for the web server
to recognize the request correctly. 

#3. Please give us a little more detail on the errors you're getting (any
specific messages would be nice).

- Jonathan

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did you start each include file with:

If not, PHP treats the code within as straight text

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Subject: [PHP-DB] include() statement hell!

Ok, I've spent some time reading the docs at php.net and I'm still confused.

After a couple hours, I have an include file working with a statement like:

include ("dblib.inc");

However, to add to my confusion, I've got a second include file statement on
the next line:

include ("userlib.inc");

And that doesn't work.

Most crazy of all, if I just put the darn functions all in the PHP file that
is trying to call the include files, everything works perfectly.

So far I have my include_path line in the pho.ini file set to no value since
I'm just using include files that exist in the same directory as the calling
php file.  this after I could NOT get the files to be properly recognized
from their own include directory.  As far as I'm concerned, you should be
able to include a relative path with the included filename and have it work.
Too bad that doesn't work in PHP.

So, long story short, I'm about to give up on include statements and just
copy and paste my functions all over the place.  Does anyone have any ideas
why this is so difficult for me?  What am I missing?  This stuff is easy in
ASP but PHP is giving me serious heart-ache.  :-(

Thanks for any tips or suggestions.


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