i think the problem is bad syntax:
you should try:

mysql_query("update prod_list set prod_manu=$prod_man where sku='".$prod."'");

that is because when you have single quotes you will not evaluate the
expression so your querry will do the update only for sku equally with
the string '$prod'...

hope this help,
cristi radulescu

MU> Jason a écrit :

>> I'm trying to update my MySQL database, but it doesn't seem to be taking.
>> my code is:
>> mysql_query("update prod_list set prod_manu=$prod_man where sku='$prod'");
>> where
>>     prod_manu is an int
>>     $prod_man is an int
>>     sku is a varchar
>>     $prod is text
>> mysql_query() comes back successful, and just to be sure I echoed
>> mysql_error() and nothing came back.
>> What am I doing wrong?

MU> if you already have an row with that data, mysql doesn't update the db...

MU> do an echo $query to see what exactly is executed.
MU> ($query = "update prod_list set prod_manu=$prod_man where sku='$prod'")

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