I'm not sure.. but try the folowing statements:

$sql = "INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES(1,'Test One') INSERT INTO tblTest
VALUES(2,'Test Two') INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES(3,'Test Three') ";
(just repeating the insert statement... )


(repeating the insert statement, separated by semicolon...)
$sql = "INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES(1,'Test One'); INSERT INTO tblTest
VALUES(2,'Test Two'); INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES(3,'Test Three'); ";

Chris Andrew wrote:

> Hi,
> This is probably more of a topic for the Oracle groups - however:
> This gives me an error:
> $c1  = ocilogon("chris","chris01");
> $sql = "INSERT INTO tblTest VALUES(1,'Test One'),(2,'Test Two')";
> $stat= ociparse($c1,$sql);
> It would appear my INSERT syntax is illegal under Oracle.
> Qu: How can I INSERT multiple rows with ONE statement?
> Thanks in advance.
> Chris

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