You can check to see if there were any insert errors by:

  print mysql_error();

...after you have run the query. Give us the output and your query and we
can help a bit more.

- Jonathan

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Hello PHP,

I'm using the mysql_query() function.
I have 61 fields (e.g, '$fname','$lname'etc) to insert into the data

No matter what I do, the data is not loaded into the table.

I've tried smaller tables with less than 11 fields and the data is
loaded correctly.

[1] Does PHP have a limit on the number of fields?
[2] How does one stop the line from running to the right. "\n" does
not appear to work.

Any insights would be extremely helpful. If you can point me to a
direct resource on the web, I'm glad to do the homework.

Best regards,
Ethan J. Mings

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