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Subject: Re: Fill select boxes with dependent data from a database. How?
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You're lucky,

I had the same problem, needing 2 synced pulldown menus, but I found a
I add 2 parts:
1) the function
2) an example to make the arrays

part 1: the function


# synched pulldown menu's:

 Creates two synched pull down menus with two name-value paired arrays.
 The code of these pull down menus is returned as 2 strings ($pd1 and $pd2)
 so you can place them where ever you want
 must be placed between already existing form elements, and only once on a

So far used as:
array_groups: $klanten[$row_pd[id]] = $row_pd[naam];
array_members: $klant_cont_combo[$row_pd2[klanten_id]][$row_pd2[id]] =

Needs PHP v4.06 at least. For PHP v4.1 or higher change the function
key_exists() in array_key_exists()

function create_synched_pulldowns($array_groups, $array_members, $form_name,
$pd_name1, $pd_name2) {
 $array_groups2 = $array_groups;
 $pd1 = "";
 # this must be outputted before the first pull down menu
 $pd1 .= "\n\n<!-- create_synched_pulldowns pd1 -->\n\n";
 $pd1 .= "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript\">
 <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript1.1\">
 if (typeof(Option)+\"\" != \"undefined\") v=true;
 <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript\"><!--
  a=new Array(22);

 var catsIndex = -1;
 var itemsIndex;

 if (v) { // ns 2 fix

  function newCat(){
   a[catsIndex] = new Array();
   itemsIndex = 0;

  function O(txt,url) {
   a[catsIndex][itemsIndex]=new myOptions(txt,url);

  function myOptions(text,value){
   this.text = text;
   this.value = value;

  // populate array for pd's

  # empty cat voor blank 1st values
  $pd1 .= "\nnewCat();\n";
  $pd1 .= "O(\"Maak evt. een keuze\", \"\")\n";

  # process the $array1 and $array2 to polulate the array used by js

  while (list($key, $val) = each($array_groups)) {

   # Now fill the array with models for each make
   $pd1 .= "\nnewCat();\n";

   if(array_key_exists($key, $array_members)) {
    while (list($key2, $val2) = each($array_members[$key])) {
     # format: O(label, value)
     $pd1 .= "O(\"$val2\", \"$key2\")\n";
   } else { # echo "No contact found for this company" or something
    $pd1 .= "O(\"Geen gegevens gevonden\", \"\")\n";

   $pd1 .="\n";

  # continue creation of the 1st pull down menu string
  $pd1 .="
 } // end if (v)

 function relate(j) {
   with (document.$form_name.$pd_name2) {
    for(i=options.length-1;i>0;i--) options[i] = null; // null out in
reverse order (bug workaround)
     options[i] = new Option(a[j][i].text,a[j][i].value);
     options[0].selected = true;

 // BACK BUTTON FIX for ie4+- or
 function IEsetup(){
  if(!document.all) return;
  IE5 = navigator.appVersion.indexOf(\"5.\")!=-1;
  if(!IE5) {
   for (i=0;i<document.forms.length;i++) {

 window.onload = IEsetup;


 $pd1 .="<SELECT NAME=\"$pd_name1\" ID=\"$pd_name1\"
onChange=\"relate(this.selectedIndex)\" class=\"pulldownmenus\">";

 # fill menu 1
 $pd1 .="<OPTION VALUE=\"\">Maak een keuze</OPTION>\n";
 while (list($key, $val) = each($array_groups2)) {
  $pd1 .="<OPTION VALUE=\"$key\">$val</OPTION>\n";

 $pd1 .="</SELECT>\n";

 # start creation pull down menu 2
 $pd2="<SELECT NAME=\"$pd_name2\" ID=\"$pd_name2\" class=\"pulldownmenus\">
 <OPTION VALUE=\"\">Maak een keuze</OPTION>

 $pd = array();
 $pd[1] = $pd1;
 $pd[2] = $pd2;
 return $pd;

# this function prints the elements of an array
function print_array($array) {
 if (gettype($array) == "array") {
  echo "<ul>\n";
  while (list($index, $subarray) = each($array) ) {
   echo "<li>$index <code>=&gt;</code> \n";
   echo "</li>\n";
  echo "</ul>\n";
 } else {
 echo $array;

part 2:make the arrays
    #MARKTSEGMENTEN: Get entries listed in table for marktsegmenten
    $query_pd = "SELECT id, naam FROM marktsegment1 ORDER BY naam";
    $result_pd = mysql_db_query($database, $query_pd, $connection) or die
("Could not execute query_pd: $query_pd. " . mysql_error() );
    $klanten = array();
    while ($row_pd = mysql_fetch_array($result_pd)) {
     $klanten[$row_pd[id]] = $row_pd[naam];

    $query_pd2 = "SELECT id, naam, marktsegment1_id FROM marktsegment2 ORDER
BY marktsegment1_id, naam";
    $result_pd2 = mysql_db_query($database, $query_pd2, $connection) or die
("Could not execute query_pd2: $query_pd2. " . mysql_error() );
    $klant_cont_combo = array();
    while ($row_pd2 = mysql_fetch_array($result_pd2)) {
     # fill an array with the companies contacts
     $klant_cont_combo[$row_pd2[marktsegment1_id]][$row_pd2[id]] =

    $pd = create_synched_pulldowns($klanten, $klant_cont_combo, $form_name,
"ms1", "ms2");
    #echo $pd[1];
    #echo "&nbsp;";
    #echo $pd[2];

Hope this is what you were lokking for.
Let me know if it helped

Marij Bellen

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