Configuration: WinXP, the latest Apache, PHP4

The problem is that every time the script runs and the following command is
$cx=odbc_pconnect($G_dbname, $G_dblogin, $G_dbpassw);
it happens very often that a new connection is created instead of reusing
the old one!

Is there any idea what's wrong... ?

And another question - when user hits reload or submit button at the moment
actually this odbc_pconnect is in progress - it generates another connection
leaving the old one
(half opened or whatever) still alive..

So if you will click on submit button more than 10 times with a little short
interval -
we will get ODBC error - "Database server connection limit exceeded"

I tried to set in PHP config file
odbc.max_persistent = 1

but it still overgoes more than 1 connection to the same database, user and

What's  wrong?

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