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is this a mysql issue or PHP issue?

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Subject: [PHP-DB] sorting by colum name with nested loops

Hey Guys,

I need to reorganize the list of reviews on my site so they are displayed by
category. However, I want it to display all the reviews from all categories
at once. How do I do this? Here is my syntax now for display all reviews at
once, but not sorted by category:

$db = mysql_connect( "",  "**********",  "********");
mysql_select_db( "net3dual_reviews",$db);
$r = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM hwureviews ORDER BY num DESC");
$max = mysql_query("select max(num) from hwureviews",$db);
while ($info = mysql_fetch_row($max)) {
printf ("<b><font color='#ffffff'>Hardware Reviews - %s Articles
Total</b></font><br>", $info["0"]);
while($a=mysql_fetch_array($r)) {
printf ("- <a href=\"%s\">%s</a> (Written by: <a
href=\"mailto:%s\";>%s</a>) - [<a href='%s' onMouseOver='if (window.event ||
document.layers) show(\"%s\",event)'

I want it so it displays them like this:

Processors -
Reviews listed here

Reviews listed here

the categories are stored under the column name "category", for reference.

-Alex "Big Al" Behrens
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