One way you can do that is create a local variable and have that
variable referenced in your form in either a hidden field or a text


$date = date("l F d, Y") (outputted that would be say Thursday April 4,

then your field would look something like this depending how you write
the PHP 

<input type="hidden or text" name="date" value="<?php echo("$date");

Hope this helps you out 

Jennifer Downey wrote:
> Hi all,
> If I have a feild called 'date' and the type is date when a form is
> submitted isn't it suppose to automatically enter the date or do I need to
> somehow enter it through the  form?
> The reason I ask is that I have another form with a date type and no
> reference to it in the form and it is always entered. With this new form the
> date is not entered into the db.
> Any ideas why?
> Jennifer
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