I run my site on a linux webserver.
I don't really know what a cron is?
I can also get a csv file.
I also have a function to translate the dbase-file to sql.

Is a cron a tool or whatever to automatically load data into the database?

Can you use a cron (Unix) or at (Windows) job to dump the dbase data to a
 comma-separated-value table? Then suck up the csv into the mysql databasde.
> How can I extract data for a mysql-table from a dbase file?
> This is the situation:
> 1) we have a dbase-file with data
> 2) the dbase-file is put on the server
> 3) we have a mysql-table that needs to get his data out of this
> How can I link this mysql-table to this file!
> !!note:
> -------
> I don't mean how I can put the data of the dbase-file into the table,
> but the table should be linked to the dbase file to get its data!
> Background:
> -----------
> we want to upload a file with data from our own local database each night
> to our internet-mysql-database.
> In MS-access such a file is called a 'external table.'
> If this isn't possible and we don't have the ability to use the
> php-dbase-functions (because of our provider),
> is there another solution to get the data from the dbase-file
> in the mysql-database?
> Can you help me!!
> Thanks.
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