On Friday 05 April 2002 03:35, Natividad Castro wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I created an application that uses authentication. When the user enters the
> username and password, if it is valid, he will have access to the first
> record, which I'm displaying in a form. My question is: can another user
> view the same record at the  same time?

You mean by looking over the first user's shoulder? Probably, unless the 
first user completely blocked the monitor.

> if the answer is yes, is there any
> way to prevent this?

Isn't this what your authentication scheme is supposed to prevent?

> The reason I'm asking is because some information will be copied and pasted
> to a mainframe computer from the form.
> Any idea?

In general, if your authentication scheme is working as it should then other 
users should not be able to access your data without authentication. Obvious 

Without knowing what your authentication scheme is we can't really comment on 
how secure it is.

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