On Friday 05 April 2002 13:42, Jennifer Downey wrote:
> If you had read more carefully you'd see that I don't have THE email sent
> to me. The replies were never in the archives.

Email & posts, many people don't know/don't differentiate/don't care about 
the difference. Obviously you're not one of them :)

> I guess since I am a woman everyone feels they need to send private email
> instead of replying with a post.

How enviable.

> What I need to accomplish  is that when the submit button is clicked the
> quantity is subtracted by 1 and then the item is placed in the users item
> list in mysql.

You don't say what the problem is. I'm assuming your form works correctly.

> This is what I have in buyitem.php but I cant seem to get it to work.
> $return["quantity"]=("UPDATE {$config["prefix"]}_items set quantity =
> quantity - 1 WHERE id = '$ItemID'");

Your use of variable names is most confusing. $return["quantity"] was holding 
a quantity when in your form, now it's being assigned a query ??

> $result=mysql_query($db["quantity"]);

Is $db["quantity"] meant to be $return["quantity"] ? Or vice-versa? Or is it 
a typo?

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