It's late and I'm getting groggy.

I have a table called mail_list.  There are four possible list_names.

I want to be able to either delete an email associated with a particular
list or all matching email.

Deleting WHERE email AND list match works fine.  The problem is when I want
to delete an address from all of the lists.

First I check the database to see how many matches I have.

$check_sql = "
SELECT list_id, email FROM mail_list
WHERE email = '$this_email'

For purposes of discussion, we'll say the answer was 3.

I use this sql when I want to delete all of the email addresses:

$remove_sql = "
DELETE FROM mail_list
email ='$this_email'

Only the first record is deleted even though the check_sql found more than
one match.

Why doesn't the delete get all of the email addresses that match the first

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