Hello, everybody!

I wrote some php scripts which are attached in php.zip file and there is
also one important html (with forms for insert). All help and suggestions
are appreciated.

Just a note: system is on a Linux Slackware 8.0, with precompiled source of
apache-1.3.20 and php-4.0.5 with tar.gz installation of mysql-3.23.47-log
downloaded from mysql's site. After the installation mysql startup scripts
needed some rearranging and rewriting until it started to work.

So, I wrote a few scripts which duties are as following:
1. leksikon_out.php -- gets data out from the leksikon database (OK)
2. leksikon_in.php -- puts the data into the leksikon database (this piece
doesn't work)
3. auth.php -- checks if the password is OK, and opens a persistent
connection to mysql database (OK)
4. enough.php -- cloeses the connection to the database
(register_shutdown_function() is used) (OK - it really closes the

As far as I know, until the connection is closed $server, $user, $database
and $connection are somewhere in memory and can be used in any script. After
writing data into the fields of leksikon_in.html file, and hitting Send
button, all that PHP & mySQL are giving to me is "No Database Selected". And
so on.

Even when I uncomment those three commented lines, nothing changes - it
remains the same.

I've tried the insert statement on the command line of mysql, and guess
what - IT WORKED! What confuses me is that it doesn't work inside PHP. I've
spent 5 hours on that single line, changing it over and over, but i haven't
manage to make a move of one milimeter.

Help, please. Thanks.

Nekada sam bio ljudsko biće... Onda sam dobio modem.


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