At 18:09 -0600 4/7/02, Gale & Tammy Allen wrote:
>   I'm pretty new to MYSQL, but wanted to share this info. With the 
>most recent OS X Security update, MYSQL 4.1.2 is installed. I had 
>installed the update

MySQL 4.1.2 doesn't exist.  I think you mean PHP 4.1.2.

>prior to this security patch. Before the security patch, the PHP.INI 
>file was in the /usr/local/lib folder. After installing the security 
>update, the new Configuration File Path location became /usr/lib for 
>the PHP.INI file. I found this out due to a calculation db I've 
>created that can computate for minutes to hours depending on the 
>data entered. After installing the security update, MYSQL defaulted 
>back to 30 seconds for the max_execution_time parameter due to the 
>fact that the Configuration File Path had changed. I copied my 
>PHP.INI file to the new location and restarted my Mac. All was back 
>to normal for the max_execution_time that I had set in PHP.INI. I 
>hope this helps the OS X masses. :)

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