Adam Voigt wrote:
> Well since I've programmed in PHP for a while,
> I think PHP is quite capable in damn near all of the possible programming
> areas. But for instance, here are some of their complaints:
> 1. Weak PHP-Internal Date Manipulation Functions, on certain
> sites we do quite a bit of non-sql based date manipulation and
> certain functions which are sql based (and there are functional
> counterparts for other languages) that are missing from PHP.

Date manupulation is headache. We do need advanced one.
PEAR developers are trying to provide better one.

> 2. Weak Error Handling, We could not get the custom error

PHP5 has "try", "catch".
However, there are many rooms for improvements...

> in ASP or iHTML for that matter, I'm a pure PHP evangelist from
> top to bottom.


Yasuo Ohgaki

> Adam Voigt
> On Mon, 08 Apr 2002 23:04:25 +0900, Yasuo Ohgaki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Adam Voigt wrote:
>>>think it's funny PHP has so many ways to do certain things, and so
>>>few ways to do other things. =)
>>I forgot to ask.
>>May I ask what kind of features/functions are missing?
>>It does not have to be about PostgreSQL module.
>>Yasuo Ohgaki

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