Ok, I think I maybe have to explain this a little better : )

I have this website that have a webshop that is driven by mysql and php.
This is working fine, but when a customer puts something into his cart and
he is sending his order, I would like to send this order by fax to the store
nearest the customer.

And I have this faxprogram that scan a directory for files and send them as
a fax. So I was thinking .... I'm not sure if it is possible, but if it is
possible to write all products in the customers cart into a txtfile. Iwould
make to send fax, or?

Thankfull for all advices or help : )

Best regards Raymond
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> > May I use this dump method with a query too? Or is this only for making
> > hole table into a txt file?
> By  the time I caught this thread there was no mention of the DBMS you
> using and they are different.  Still one trick that usually works is to
> create a view with the query you want and to dump that view.
> > Because I'm trying to get a website into a txt file and save it into a
> > directory on the server to get a order sendt by fax. Or is this a "long
> > to go?
> Sounds like the long way to me.  But like I said I just saw this am I'm
> sure what you're trying to do.  I'd be happy to comment further if you
> just send more details of what you're trying to do.
> Good Luck,
> Frank
> > Regards Raymond
> >

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