Hi group,

I wonder if anyone can help me with some problems I have just found out with a website 
we have just put together.

Our client unfortuntately uses the AOL browser on a MAC, so he is running version 5 of 
AOL for the mac.

Now we have a database driven website we have put together, and the problem occurs as 
the values do not seem to be getting sent to the database and so therefore he is not 
getting the correct results that he should be.

We have a bookstore, where you intially select your location in the world, and then 
also a category to select the books.

This is fine as it queries the database and returns the results to him. Then on the 
results page we have the category list so that they can go to another category, they 
do not have to select a new location as the values are already carried over each page. 
But what happens is that when they choose the new category and click submit, it does 
not change anything on the page, so they get the same results even though they have 
sent a new value to the server.

Has anybody had this problem, and is there a fix?

Help would be appreciated as this is the last problem we have to fix before this site 
can go live.

Many thanks

Barry Zimmerman

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