On Wednesday 10 April 2002 12:32, jas wrote:
> Ok here is my question... I have a form that reads the contents of a
> directory, places the resulting files into a select box within a form for
> further processing, code is as follows:


> What I need to know is if there is a way to create an if statement that
> would either update or not update a selected field in the database.  Below
> is a piece I would assume would work however I am not sure of the mysql
> command to not update anything.  Any help would be great.
> Jas
> if( $file_name = '----------' ) $sql = "dont update table";
>         else $sql = "UPDATE $table_name SET image01_t = \"$files\"";

Am I missing something? Psuedo-code:

 if ($file_name != '----------') {
   $sql = "UPDATE ....";
   $result = $mysql_query($sql); 
   etc; }
 else {
   don't even need an else!

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