Hello, i have a little problem with quotes:

- first a have a textarea in a form
- second i'm gonna check this textarea
- if all checks sussesfull I process the data, so no straings thing get in
my database or whatever (function see below)

Problem: if I get the data out of the database I sometimes get problems that
make funny '&' characters of quotes and if im wright also from alt-keys
(like for example a euro-sign ).

EUR -> € 

I do this with code before into database:
$beschrijving = ereg_replace("\n","<br>", ereg_replace("`","

this piece of code is in the form (the <br> will be pulled out first)
<? $beschrijving = ereg_replace("<br>", "", $beschrijving); ?>
<textarea name="beschrijving" rows="10" cols="50"><? echo $beschrijving

How is it possible i get these funny &-signs.
I think it has something to do with the htmlentities() i'm using.
Is there a way to translate them back or something?


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