When the user post a message, proccess the queries on temp page and then
redirect to a page where you display message to user. In this case if he
hits reload button, php don't repeat queries.
I thing it should work.
Bye Moreno

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Da: Nick Stuart [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Inviato: giovedý 11 aprile 2002 16.14
Oggetto: PHP Question

Ok so this really doesnt have anything to do with MySQL but I thought this
might be a good placeto ask.
Ok heres the problem. I am constructing a Message Board with MySQL and php
(was usingASP) and I dont want the user to reload/repost data. For example,
say the
user goes to post amessage, after they hit the post button it takes them to
a temp page
saying that there post wassuccesful with a link to go view the post. The
problem arises if some one
decides to hit thereload button. Because of the way I have the posting page
setup it will
reload the page and postthe message again! doh!
Anyways, has anyone come up against a similar problem and found a
way around it?

Thanks in advance.

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