Hello Silvia,

Try using the database abstraction library ADOdb. It supports installing
a stub server (written in PHP) on the Windows server, and you can send sql
queries from
Linux to the Windows machine via http.

This is a 100% php solution. See http://php.weblogs.com/adodb_csv

"Silvia Mahiques" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi friend!
I have a question...
I have a remote database in Microsoft Access on a WinNT System, and a Apache
and PHP on Linux System. How can I connect this?

There is one function in PHP for make this:


The question is:  what is DSN in my case? How I can to specified the host
and path where is situate the data base?

DSN (Data Source Name) in local host is the name of the DataBase, but in
remote host, what I need do?

Thanks in advance.

Silvia Mahiques

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