You will want to use the file i/o functions to write to a file and save the
db info to a file.

Ray "BigDog" Hunter

"Chris Payne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi there everyone,

I have a newsletter which works wonderfully, sends to everyone in the DB
fine with error checking etc ......  My problem is my client now wants to be
able to easily save the email addresses from the DB into a text file - so my
question is, how can this be done?

Connecting to the DB and executing a search based on criteria is not a
problem, the problem is how do I write a text file which has the field email
(From the table name newsletter) in it?  I just need to copy the contents of
email to a text file, but missing our other columns such as id and name.

Thanks for any help, it's very appreicated.


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