"Arcadius A." wrote:
> Hello !
> I'm planning to write a database application for  MySQL, and then port it to
> PostrgeSQL.
> Is there any library or class that could help me to write/maintain just one
> source code for both MySQL and PostgreSQL ?

I think your best (if not the only) option in PHP is Metabase.


This is a PHP databases abstraction focused on application portability.
AFAIK, it is the only one that provide complete and true data type
abstraction. This means that for instance if you have to deal with dates
in your application, Metabase assures that you only have to deal with a
single date format (ISO 9601 - YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) even if the
underlying databases use other formats. So, when you switch to a
different database, you do not have to touch a single thing in your
application other that the choice of database type option.

Metabase goes farther, it also abstracts database schema installation
and maintenance. This means that it provides a way to describe a schema
of database tables, fields, indexes and sequences using a simple XML
syntax. Then the Metabase manager class will install it for you in the
target database that you use. If you move to another database, Metabase
can export the database contents in the same XML format and then you may
reinstall the schema in the new database type without loosing

Here it is an example of a Metabase schema:


Manuel Lemos

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